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"Glory to God whose Power working in us, can do indefinitely more than we can ask or imagine"
                                                                                                Ephesians 3-20,21


Entrusted with the care of the sacred vessels and adornment of God's house, along with a commitment of time, talent and energy, 5 teams of 4 to 5 women take responsibility for the preparation of, and are present for every service at christ Church. The Altar Guild also manages request for ordering all memorial flowers, chapel sanctuary light memorials, flowers for other occasions and decorations for the holidays. Special projects completed by the Altar Guild have included new needlepoint kneelers for the communion rail and preserving and displaying the symbols of the old kneelers. Realizing the sacred privilege of serving, each member dedicates herself and her work as an offering to God.


Coming together to contribute their time, effort and many talents, the Women Of Christ Church are a vital part of our parish. They sponsor various fund raising events that support many outreach programs such as: Emergency Services, Project Interaction, Junior Choir Camp, Episcopal Seminary Support, Student Services Awards, Evergreens Fellowship Fund,Church Periodical Club and the UTO, as well as projects within the parish. Events held throughout the year include the Annual Geranium Sale, Riverton Town-Wide Yard Sale, Harvest Soup and Food Sale and the Mid-Winter Soup Sale. The ECW usually host one other special event each year such as an Art Auction or Heirloom Discovery night. We are well respected at both the District and Diocesan Levels. The current President of the Diocesan ECW is a lifelong member of our parish.

Membership Committee

This committee s work is to increase membership through activities within our own congregation as well as outreach to our local communities.
Inquiries: Contact the office at 856-829-1634

Men s

Active in all aspects of parish life, the Men's Fellowship host several fund-raising activities each year. They cook and serve The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, The Annual Meeting Brunch and The Spaghetti Dinner. Funds raised by the Men's Fellowship go toward a variety of parish projects and assist in sponsoring students who attend Youth Choir Camp.

Mutual Ministry Committee

A committee appointed by the wardens to help the parishioners, vestry, and rector grow the ministry of Christ Church. Input from the congregation is vital to its success.
Committee Members: Harry Shea, Sheryl Telford, Ron Pollock, Barbara Benton, Jeff Mack, Don Deitz, and Father Wrede.

Please contact the office (856-829-1634) or check your parish registry for the phone number of the committee member with whom you'd like to speak.

Parish Life Committee

The work of this committee is to develop opportunities for social and spiritual fellowship witin our congregation, i.e. dinners, fund raisers, special events, etc.
Inquiries: Contact the office at 856-829-1634