During these times, we encourage all to participate in online worship. Below is the Holy Week schedule of services from the Episcopal Diocese. You can find these live streaming on either their Youtube channel or Facebook page.

Be sure to go to the Christ Church Facebook page this Sunday (4/5) to watch a Palm Sunday children’s homily from Deacon Naomi, and come back next Sunday (4/12) for her Easter homily!

COVID-19 Update

Sunday school: Will resume at the direction of Bishop Stokes. For more info, please contact Sunday School teacher Linda Yansick at (856) 786-8408.

Riverbank Churches Men’s Breakfast: Monthly meeting of the Riverbank Churches Men’s Breakfast will take place on the second Saturday of each month. Feel free to bring a friend! Includes fellowship and mission. The next meeting will be held at the direction of Bishop Stokes.

Choir practice:  The choir is always accepting new members. If you are interested, please see here. The next choir practice will be held at the direction of Bishop Stokes.

If you would like to receive our news email, please contact the church at 

To stay up to date on what’s happening in the greater community of the Episcopal Church, check out The Episcopal News Service.