Opportunities to serve

Enter…to worship the Lord… Go forth to serve him…

Acolytes: From the opening procession to the recessional hymn, our acolytes are actively involved in all aspects of every church service. All confirmed parishioners are welcome to be trained as acolytes. The acolytes go through training and are scheduled by a lay person in charge. They are fully vested and assist the rector at every service.

Chalice Bearers: Assisting the rector with the Celebration of the Eucharist during most services, lay persons licensed by the Bishop administer the Chalice to the communicants. They are fully vested and participate by ringing the sanctus bell, directing the acolytes, and greeting all parishioners after the service. More than a dozen men and women are trained and scheduled throughout the year by the lay person in charge.

Ushers: Representing Christ Church as a warm and caring congregation, there are usually four ushers serving at both services every Sunday and during all special services. They greet everyone, distribute bulletins, receive the offering and assist the infirm and elderly at the altar steps during the Eucharist. This group of men and women are also trained and scheduled by the lay person in charge.

Greeters: To welcome all newcomers and visitors to our church, a “Greeter” is assigned to each service. The Greeter is identified with a name tag and greets everyone as they enter and leave. The Greeters make sure the newcomer/visitor’s book is signed and they follow up with a visit to the newcomer’s home by delivering the traditional welcome gift of a loaf of bread and a packet of parish information.

Visitors: Parish Visitors make regular weekly visits to those in the parish confined to home, hospitals or nursing care facilities. Their ministry of pastoral care includes the delivery of the Sunday bulletins and altar flowers. It is the ministry of visiting and listening that is the heart of their important endeavor. There is also the “Portable Pantry”; food pre-pared and delivered to the parishioners who are ill or temporarily unable to prepare meals for themselves.

Counters: Each Sunday morning and on special occasions, a team of counters will gather the alms from each service, open all collected envelopes and credit each contributor against the contributor’s envelope number. There are teams of counters who rotate on a monthly basis.